The beach at De Koog

Setting off yesterday to cycle round the island I was feeling smug about having dodged the usual day 3 curse by having a rest-and-sightseeing day.  Legs were feeling springy, the sun was shining and the cycling deities appeared to be smiling on us.

There is an ‘official’ round island route, which we managed to follow through the very picturesque Oudeschild and on till we met the inevitable roadworks. We had to turn inland into the north-westerly wind briefly, then back to the coast and into the wind again as we came towards the north end of the island. Not a problem with the wind, though, as the run back to the hotel would be south west with a crosswind or tailwind – all good.

Molen het Noorden

Quick refreshment stop at De Cocksdorp and then up to the viewing platform on the lighthouse – noticing that the wind was definitely getting stronger but still, no problem – only 20 km to go. The cycle route was through the dunes national park, so lots of up and down. And at this point it finally dawned on me that the wind had shifted to the south west…


Those last 20 km were a painful mix of headwind and foot cramps: cycling deities 1, Elly 0. There is no escape from the curse of day 3!  Overall, though, a lovely tour of the island. There is so much sky, and it is constantly changing. Really stunning.

Today we had another sightseeing day – the sheep market in Den Burg, the Shipwreck and Beachcombing Museum and the beach and dinner at De Koog. Windy, but only short cycles between sights so no problems. More exploring tomorrow.

Fishing boat high and dry
Oil rig lifeboat capsule
Inside the lifeboat capsule – which is designed for up to 100 people