Dreiländereck monument in Basel

Easy cycle across flat farmland in France today. We started off in the rain and took a detour through the docks in Basel to see the Dreiländereck monument which marks the spot where the thee borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meet (well, almost – they actually meet in the middle of the Rhine and the monument is nearby on the bank on the Swiss side). 

After leaving Basel, the cycle route follows the towpath* of the Canal de Huningue, which was just becoming monotonous in the rain when we started heading cross country through some attractive villages. The sun came out this afternoon, and although we heard some thunder, the heavy rain appeared to pass east of us and we had only some light showers. One of these was from a large agricultural sprinkler as we passed through kilometre after kilometre of corn fields. 

Not much wind and a very flat path with few navigational challenges, so a relatively short day in the saddle. We are now in the medieval walled town of Neuf-Brisach, which is celebrating 10 years as a UNESCO world heritage site and from the photos in the tourist office, has been through a lot of restoration.  We have not seen the Rhine since we left Basel, but look forward to reconnecting with it at Strasbourg tomorrow. 

*For those who know my history of cycling ineptitude, I’m happy to report that the towpath was wide and slightly separated from the water’s edge. 

Crossing the Rhine at Basel, looking towards France
Central square in Neuf-Brisach leading to…
… colourful streets…
…and original fortifications.