Having a recurrent-knee-injury-related ban on cycling for the last week or so, the only interesting cycling activity I have been involved in was volunteering at the Tour de Forth sportive yesterday.

Canal at Linlithgow…

… with single carriageway bridge

I was allocated to a gorgeous spot on the route, as you will see from the first picture, but it proved rather hair-raising at times with traffic coming over the single track bridge to head uphill not always able to see and give way to the groups of cyclists coming at speed down the hill.  Fortunately, with a lot of mainly ineffective shouting and hand-waving on my part, we got through it without incident.  The closest call during my whole shift was in fact when two cars almost collided, which must happen sometimes.  I’ve made some suggestions for next year if the route is to be the same, as I think more than one volunteer at this bridge and a warning sign for the drivers might help, but it will always be an awkward bit of road.

It was a beautiful day, and a good time had by all.  Hugely impressed by everyone who completed the course and raised money for Mercy Corps and Cash for Kids.