This is a blog about cycle touring.  I have not updated it since last summer as we have been doing less interesting things –  like working –  over the winter.  We have plans to do a longer cycle tour this summer but, alas, life has intervened and Bruce, aka The Real Cyclist, is unwell and so our plans are on hold.

On the original plan, we had chosen a route (the Iron Curtain Cycle Trail – EuroVelo 13 – see for details), applied for Russian visas, started a slightly alarming course of inoculations, bought a new tent, made packing lists, tried fitting everything on the packing list into the panniers, revised the packing lists until all the items would fit and, in my case, upgraded my bike to have a hub dynamo to power lights and a phone charger. Unfortunately, life has a way of reminding us that plans can be changed without notice.

We are currently waiting to get the results of Bruce’s latest tests.  Once we know what is going on, we will rethink our plans.  We still hope to get away but with less time and possibly less fitness, we will need to rethink our route.  Fortunately the EuroVelo network is very extensive and lots of bits of it would be possible without camping, so there are still lots of options.

More on this to follow.